Mar 122014

It was a pleasure to present with consultant Alison Kendall & Amelia Neptune in an hour & a half webinar today titled “Bikes on Campus” this afternoon for approx. 50 univ. folks from around the country. Unfortunately we didn’t have as much time for Q&A as we should have but the Qs we did get were quite excellent.  A large focus of the presentation was on the Bike Friendly University program and how a university can become more bike friendly.

Encouraging to know that there’s so much interest in what we’re doing! Hopefully many more univ’s will be joining our growing network.

Mar 072014
Natl. Bike Summit 2014 gathering

University bike programmers gathering during the Natl. Bike Summit 2014.

A handful of university bike programmers had a great BFU dinner on Tuesday night.  Here’s a photo from the dinner, and below are the names and affiliations of everyone who attended (click to enlarge the photo).

Working clockwise from the front left: Steve Durrant, Alta Planning and LAB Board; Amelia Neptune, League of American Bicyclists; Brian Ohlen, Boise State Univ.; Stephen Ritter, Boise State Univ.; Tyce Herrman, Dickinson College; Briana Orr, Univ. of Oregon;  Steve Sanders, Univ. of Minnesota-Twin Cities; David Takemoto-Weerts, Univ. of California - Davis;  John Brandt, Univ of Maryland, Shady Grove.

Courtesy: Amelia Neptune, Bicycle Friendly America Program Specialist

Mar 072014
Bicycles 2013: Planning, Design, Operations, and Infrastructure

Bicycles 2013: Planning, Design, Operations, and Infrastructure

Thanks to a recent post from Tanya DeOliveira (Planner, Clemson University Planning & Design) the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies has released “Volume 2387 / Bicycles 2013: Planning, Design, Operations, and Infrastructure”.  This volume contains 17 reports related to research focused on bicycling that were presented at the last TRB Annual Meeting.

These reports are available for no charge to TRB members or member institutions.  Here’s the summary page.

If your university is a member institution you should be able to view and download the PDF reports from this page.


Feb 202014

One example of a univ.-based bike sharing system @ Texas A& M’s Maroon bikes. Click pic to visit their site.

As we all know ‘bike sharing’ is a very hot topic on our campuses.  For those of you interested in learning more about the state of bike sharing systems the Assoc. of Ped and Bike Professionals has 1 more session on the topic coming up Mar. 5th titled “The Future of Bikeshare Transit Systems” that sounds worth the $50 for members ($85 non-mbr); earlier sessions are all available for download (for a fee).  To learn more and register go here.

More bike sharing related resources:

Feb 072014
Cover of "New Course" report by US PIRG

Cover of “New Course” report by US PIRG

A number of our member universities are cited in this new report from the US Public Interest Research Group.  Great to see higher education institutions getting some recognition in steering the way for the nation’s future transportation systems.

NEWS RELEASE – Wednesday, February 5, 2014

“As Millennials lead a national shift away from driving, universities  are giving students new options for getting around and becoming innovators in transportation policy, according to a new report released today. The report, titled, “A New Course: How Innovative University Programs Are Reducing Driving on Campus and Creating New Models for Transportation Policy” was released by U.S. PIRG Education Fund.

Click the cover image to the right or link above to read the rest of the release.

Nov 152013
Students riding bikes on the UC Davis campus.

Students riding bikes on the UC Davis campus. Photo: University of California, Davis, courtesy of League of American Bicyclists

The League of American Bicyclists just released their 2013 list of Bicycle Friendly Universities – (11/14/2013)

Congrats to all the new additions and to those who moved up in the rankings!  A special shout out to David at UC Davis for becoming the second Platinum BFU — you run an amazing program there. I recently heard Bill Nesper from the League talk about this BFU program at the Bike Symposium as part of the AORE conference here. It really is a valuable process for bringing together all the parts of the university who work on biking, and for getting feedback on how to improve. Next deadline is August 2014!

(courtesy of member Jessica Zdeb, Transportation Planner, Toole Design Group)

Note:  Our List of University Bike Programs has been updated with BFU status through fall 2013. If your university isn’t on this list please add it (it’s a Wiki page, so anyone can update it!).

Nov 152013
Campus Bike Programmer's dinner attendees, AORE - Bike Symposium

Campus Bike Programmer’s dinner attendees, AORE – Bike Symposium (L to R: Tim Potter, MSU Bikes; Ginny Sullivan, Adventure Cycling; Jessica Zdeb, Toole Design; Beverly Malone, UMD Transportation; John Brandt, UMD Bikes Coord; Gerald Fittipaldi, Civil Engr.; Devan Tracy, Engineer.

A number of our members attended the annual conference of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) held at the U of MD in College Park, MD, Nov. 7 – 9th. It was the first year for the Bike Symposium which featured quite a good variety of topics and presentations from different universities around the country.  Our colleagues from the UMD Transportation office (Beverly Malone, Asst Director; Mike Levengood, UMD bikeUMD bicycle coordinator) and the conference co-host Mike Doyle, Asst. Director, Campus Recreation Services, were gracious hosts and showed me around to my amazement of everything that can be done within the confines of an older university with very tight space.

Here are links to a couple presentations from AORE-2013:

Presentation by Boise-St-Univ: This 35 pg. presentation focused on the creation of Boise State’s relatively new ‘Cycle Learning Center’ (opened fall of ’11):

Ask the Experts gathering, AORE - Bike Symposium

Ask the Experts gathering, AORE – Bike Symposium (L to R: Beverly Malone, Jessica Zdeb, Gerald Fittipaldi, Rick Dawson, CSU – Monterey Bay)

“Campus Bike Planning 101″ : (21 pgs) was given by Jessica Zdeb of the Toole Design Group, with the assistance of Beverly Malone, of U-MD. An excellent resource/ reference for universities looking to develop a comprehensive bike plan or improve/ update the plan they might already have:

For 2014 the AORE annual conference will move to Portland, Oregon (Nov. 12 – 14), so hopefully that location and having one symposium under our belts will combine for an even better turn-out and program!  Be sure and hold the date and your budget to attend!

More of my pics from the AORE Conference and UMD visit that might interest you are here.

Jun 052012

Joe Hayes, Asst. Director, Missouri Student Unions, has posted a recap of the recent (May 23rd) online/ phone discussion titled “Hot Topics Round-Table: Bicycle Resource Centers and the College Union” in The Commons of the Association of College Unions International website.  Participants quoted in the recap represented the following schools:   University of California–Davis, Bowdoin College, University of Missouri,  University of British Columbia,  Portland State University.  If you are interested in hearing more of the discussion, a video of the program is available here.

Bike-to-PSU-challenge banner graphic

Portland State University's 'Bike to PSU Challenge' graphic

May 162012
One-way cycle track at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts

One-way cycle track at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Alta Planning, a leading consulting firm in N. America, published an excellent paper on best practices in campus bike facilities planning.  Take a look at the PDF report here.  Alta’s mission is to create active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, and fun.  Nice that university-related bike programming is growing as a subject of research.

May 162012

BFU-logoNew awards heat up the competition among college conferences 

Washington, D.C. – March 29, 2012 - The NCAA basketball tournament is down to the Final Four, but the bracket of Bicycle Friendly Universities (BFU) is expanding. Today, the League of American Bicyclists advanced nine new universities to the elite ranks of bicycle-friendly campuses.

“As universities compete for students and status, becoming more bicycle-friendly is a winning strategy that energizes and invigorates staff and the student body, not just in March, but year-round,” said Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists. “By making cycling safe and enjoyable, BFUs are both educating and empowering the next generation to adopt smarter, healthier transportation habits that will last a lifetime.”

  • Read full article here.
  • Go here to the League’s BFU page for more information.