About Us


Get together, fall of 2013
Get together, fall of 2013 during the AORE conference at U of Maryland

The purpose of this group is to provide a connection to university & community bike center coordinators and interested individuals so questions, ideas and resources can be shared to allow bike programs to prosper through our listserv (to subscribe see Email List / Contact).

Note that while we do allow vendors to subscribe and post (introduce themselves and their companies) please do not send outright advertisements/ marketing messages to the list.  Marketing surveys are allowable as long as they’re not thinly veiled commercials for products.

Founding Members

First gathering @ UC-Davis
Group photo during our first gathering @ UC-Davis, fall of 2008.  L to R where recalled: Tim Potter (MSU, lime green jacket), Ariadne Scott (Stanford Univ, 5th from left), Tim Ledlie (formerly Harvard), David Takemoto-Wertz (formerly UC-Davis), Robert St. Cyr (UC-Davis, 2nd from right), Peter Roper (formerly UC-Boulder).
The University Bike Programs (aka Campus Bike Programmer’s) Network started out as a simple listserv in the winter of 2008 thanks to the research & efforts of the managers of the University of Wisconsin Hoofers (they host the listserv; see Email List / Contact for more info.) and MSU Bikes.  The manager of the UC Davis Bike Barn and Bike Coordinator of UC Davis’ Bike Program Office have also been a big help in getting the Campus Bike Programmers network rolling and contribute regularly to the discussions.  Tim Ledlie, founder of Quad Bikes at Harvard University, is also an adviser and co-webmaster.