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How to Subscribe:
Just send a blank email (no subject line required) to:

If you’re subscribing from an ‘.edu’ address your subscription request will be approved quickly.  If you want to subscribe with any other type of email address please introduce yourself and which univ/ college/ vendor/ org. you represent.  Some background on your interest in joining would be nice as well.  This is simply for the administrator to know you’re not a spam-bot!

Once your subscription is confirmed (you should receive a welcome email from the administrator [Tim Potter] if you don’t email him ) please post an intro. of your school’s bike program or Q&As as you see the need/ have the time.  Simply post to:

Thinking of Surveying the Members?
Surveying the list is a very popular thing to do and OK to do, but please use online forms like Survey Monkey rather than asking your questions in the body of an email which will generate  more responses and then PLEASE share summaries of survey responses back with the group to help grow our knowledge base.

Search the Archives:
Looking for ideas and help with a project?  For the web interface which allows you to search and read archived posts to the list click here.

Note about Vendors: 
While we do allow vendors to subscribe and post (introduce themselves and their companies) we do not condone them posting advertisements/ marketing messages to the list.  There is a limit of 6 subscribers from any one company.  Marketing surveys and other posts are allowable as long as they’re not thinly veiled commercials for products/ services.

New Google Group for Univ. Bike People only (and public govt./ non-profits):  Only email addresses that end in ‘.edu’ or ‘.org’ or some govt. agency will be approved for membership.  Members who forward their addresses or emails to a vendor/ for-profit company will be removed.
NOTEYou need to be logged out of all Google apps in order to subscribe with your ‘.edu, .org, .gov, etc.’ address.

Facebook Group
Connect with us via our page on Facebook for those things that may not warrant going on the listserv.

Yahoo Group
Also, you can subscribe to our Yahoo group for older sample resources (PR materials, plans, reports, etc.) from members.

Contact information
Contact Tim Potter @ MSU Bikes for Q’s related to the list or this website.