National Bike Summit 2017 photos

Some photos from NBS 2017.  Photos by Tim Potter except where noted.
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National Bike Summit 2014 Gathering

Natl. Bike Summit 2014 gathering
University bike programmers gathering during the Natl. Bike Summit 2014.

A handful of university bike programmers had a great BFU dinner on Tuesday night.  Here’s a photo from the dinner, and below are the names and affiliations of everyone who attended (click to enlarge the photo).

Working clockwise from the front left: Steve Durrant, Alta Planning and LAB Board; Amelia Neptune, League of American Bicyclists; Brian Ohlen, Boise State Univ.; Stephen Ritter, Boise State Univ.; Tyce Herrman, Dickinson College; Briana Orr, Univ. of Oregon;  Steve Sanders, Univ. of Minnesota-Twin Cities; David Takemoto-Weerts, Univ. of California – Davis;  John Brandt, Univ of Maryland, Shady Grove.

Courtesy: Amelia Neptune, Bicycle Friendly America Program Specialist

Third Gathering of the Univ. Bike Programmers


Ramon Zavala, UC- Irvine and friend, Luis A. Vivanco, Ph.D., U of VT and my friend, Chris Phelan, founder of the Ride of Silence.

Third Gathering of the Univ. Bike Programmers @ the 2012 National Bike Summit

A small group of us gathered during the Natl. Bike Summit, Mar. 21st at Fausto Coppi’s Organic Restaurant one of the only bike-themed restaurants I’ve ever visited, and not just any bike theme but historic Italian racing theme after the late Italian legend Fausto Coppi.  The place is decorated with old-school bike racing photos and memorabilia.