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University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)


Location, Location, Location

Santa Barbara is located on the central coast of California approximately 90 miles north of Los Angeles.

Santa Barbara's relatively flat coastal topography nestled against a mountain range combined with mild weather and Spanish Tile roofs yields the nickname of the American Riviera. Santa Barbara also has the nickname of Pedal Paradise and has the distinction of being recognized by the League of American Bicyclistsas a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community

The UCSB campus is known as one of the jewels of the UC system and is one of the few university campuses in the world located right on the coast of the open ocean. Aerial Photo from the West Aerial Photo from the East

UCSB and UCSB Sustainability in the News

Newsweek Magazine named UCSB as one of America's 25 Hot Schools..."If there's a more beautiful campus than this one at the edge of the Pacific, we haven't seen it. For many students, that would seal the deal, and UCSB also boasts four Nobel Prize winners on its faculty, and considered on of the world's preeminent research centers in science and technology and an extensive study-abroad program. Aside from the top academics, a big draw for many is the variety of recreation. The campus has its own beaches where students can surf, and a ski resort is under three hours away."
UCSB is one of 18 campuses to make Princeton-Review's 2011 Green Rating Honor Roll
UCSB Listed as one of the top ten eco-friendly colleges listed in US News
Sierra Cool Schools: The Third Annual List • September/October 2009 -- Sierra Magazine recognizes UCSB as one of the TOP 10 “Cool Schools” for Sustainable Transportation.

Proximal Housing & 2-mile Radius Parking Permit Ban Encourage Bicycle-Commuting

UCSB houses a large number of Student, Faculty and Staff adjacent to the University both in University Housing and neighboring housing enclaves.

UCSB Parking Services prohibits undergraduate students and graduate students employed by UCSB less than 45% from applying for long-term parking permits

All students pay a registration lock-in fee for the bus system so the majority of student take the bus or walk or skate or bicycle on their commute to campus.

Commuter Mode-Split

UCSB hosts the highest human-powered commuter-mode-split of any Suburban National University in the USA

Dedicated Bicycle-Centric Infrastructure Enhancements

Over 10 miles of Class I bicycle paths on University property that tie into area roadways extensive network of designated bicycle paths and bicycle lanes.
- Main Campus Bicycle Map
- Entire Campus Bicycle Map
- Bicycle Map for area adjacent to campus
- Bicycle Map for downtown Santa Barbara
- FREE County Bicycle Map App for iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad or Android phones and tablets

Other Dedicated Bicycle-Centric Infrastructure Enhancements include:
- 9 bicycle roundabouts that include a right turn lane
- 3 bicycle underpasses where bicycle paths cross major roadways
- Pedestrian Refuge in the middle of bicycles paths with high bicycle flow rates so pedestrians may focus on crossing just one lane of bicycle traffic at a time.
- Over 10,000 secure bicycle parking spaces
- 40 assigned secure bicycle lockers
- Showers for Bicycle Commuters

Bicycle Friendly University & Bicycle Friendly Business

UCSB receives the League of American Bicyclists Gold Level distinction as a Bicycle Friendly University in 2011 and 2015 andGold Level distinction as a Bicycle Friendly Business in 2010 and 2016

Associated Students

(Associated Students Bicycle Committee)
The Associated Students Bicycle Committee is funded with a Student Registration
Lock-In fee that raises approximately $100,000 per year. Student referendums re-authorize the registraton fees every 4 years.

UC Santa Barbara Facilities Management and the Chancellor together add a similar amount of funding for maintenance so the total annual budget for Bicycle System improvements and maintenance is close to $200,000 per year. A.S. B.I.K.E.S focuses on bicycle safety and campus bicycle infrastructure improvements and gives away campus bicycle maps, bicycle helmets and bicycle lights and co-promotes periodic celebrations of cycling and co-sponsors an auction of abandoned bicycles. The A.S. BIKE COMM also does periodic campus bicyclist surveys of the need for bicycle infrastructure improvements.

Associated Student Bicycle Shop
FREE advise, FREE Repair Lessons and FREE Tool Use, FREE Air 24/7 and full-service bicycle repair shop since 1974
UCSB also has ten Dero Fix-it Stations with pumps that provide air and tools 24/7 and and additional eight Dero Air Kit locations.
Map of UCSB Bicycle Air and Bicycle Tool locations

Community Service Organization (CSO)

Community Service Organization provides Bicycle Safety Escorts
CSOs also provide Bicycle Education, Bicycle Registration and conduct Bicycle Abatement and the auction of abandoned bicycles.
The CSOs are a part of campus Public Safety and have some student-created bicycle education videos such as:
-How to Lock a Bicycle
- A Couple Quick Tips for Bicycling
- Bicycle Impound Rule- Bicycle Must be Locked to a Bicycle Rack
- Bicycle Safety and Bicycle Maintenance at A.S. Bicycle Shop

Celebration of Cycling = FUN

- Bike-to-Work Days since 1994, BTW Day and other events expanded to Bike Week in 2000 and now we have a month long Celebration of Cycling in Santa Barbara county know as Cycle-MAYnia
- Video of Bike to Work day including Bicycle Pancakes
- Still photos of a sample of Bicycle-Shaped Pancakes, and their creators

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Transportation Alternatives Program
One Full-Time staff members provide commuter consultations and assistance to those who travel between home and campus by alternatives to Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOVs) such as foot, skate, bicycle, carpool, vanpool, bus or train.

For more information, please contact the UCSB Transportation Alternatives, Program Manager, Jamey Wagner 805-893-5475 or email staff using our web-form

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